Hello, I'm Ilya - a UX & Product Designer based in
Boston, MA. This is a short selection of my work.

Cengage: MindTap

Modernizing an outdated digital platform to represent a future-forward company establishing itself as leader in the field of online learning. Data from user testing and internal analytics used to put together a unified, consistent user experience with simplified workflows, cleaner interactions, more accessible and robust tools. Clean modern interface for flagship digital product to help thousands of users from hundreds of institutions clearly understand and interact with complex workflows, to dive right into their work. Read more about the process in the case study.

User interface design


Jingle Networks

Lead creative for a start-up called Jingle Networks. Responsible for conducting user research, creating and implementing brand-conscious user-centric designs, prototypes, and wireframes. Development and support of all UI components.

Houghton Mifflin: Languages & Psychology

Using gamification as a way to simplify and ease the learning of psychology and foreign languages. Series of interactive multimedia applications with tests, videos, and games to accompany language and psychology textbooks; real-time progress tracking, student-to-instructor messaging and results submission. Each application with its own design needs and content.

Misc Websites

Some samples from a digital past. A quick look at how my sensibilities for clean, well-balanced design had developed.